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Surgery for Dogs and Cats

Your pet’s surgery needs to go safely and smoothly, and we take steps to make sure that it does.  These are some of the services we offer to keep your furry friend safe and comfortable:

Comprehensive Physical Examination

We take blood samples before surgery to help rule out underlying issues and to help us choose the safest anaesthetic protocol for your pet.

IV Fluids

We insert an intravenous catheter prior to surgery, which provides us with an access point to deliver medications quickly and easily during the procedure. It also allows us to give IV fluids to counteract the effects that the anesthetic has on your animal’s blood pressure.

Comprehensive Pain Management

Your pet’s pain management plan is tailored to their unique personality and health concerns. Options include local freezing blocks, anti-anxiety medications as required, and pain control medications before, during, and after the procedure, as well as additional medication to go home with your pet.

Dedicated Anesthetist

This highly-trained veterinary technologist’s sole responsibility is to monitor anesthesia and ensure your pets’ safety and comfort throughout their procedure.

Types of Surgery for Pets
  • Spays and neuters
  • Repair of cuts and bite wounds
  • Dental surgery
  • Foreign body removal
  • Bladder stone removal
  • Lump and mass removals

Some cases require specialized surgical care.  For these situations, we provide referrals to veterinary specialists who offer comprehensive care in an applicable field of expertise.