To our valued clients,

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have maintained modified hospital protocols, so we can continue to safely serve you and your pets.

Our current recommendations are as follows:

  1. We kindly ask any clients who are not feeling well to stay home and reschedule any appointments as necessary.
  2. Face masks are encouraged to be worn inside the hospital, especially within exam rooms where space is limited. This measure is not mandatory.
  3. We encourage the use of hand sanitizer, made available for use both when entering and exiting the hospital.
  4. Although there are no limits on the number of people in attendance for appointments, we ask that you consider keeping attendance at a minimum, when possible, to avoid overcrowding.

For any clients that may prefer curbside service for appointments or pick-ups, this service remains available. Please advise us if this is your preference so that we can talk you through the process upon arrival to the hospital.

We are so grateful to our clients for your patience and understanding, and are happy to see your faces in hospital once again!



Brintnell Veterinary Hospital