Laboratory Services

When your pet isn’t feeling well, we want to find the problem as quickly as possible. Brintnell Veterinary Hospital’s wide range of laboratory services provides fast and accurate results.

Complete Blood Count (CBC)

We can use this to check for a variety of issues, including anemia and infection

Fecal Tests

We test your pet’s feces to screen for parasites and some infectious diseases.

Chemistry Panel

Chemistry panels are used to assess your pet’s kidney and liver function, as well as electrolytes.

Urine Tests

Urinalysis can be used to test your pet for bladder infections and evaluate kidney health.

Ear Swabs and Skin Tests

These can be used to screen for parasites and for bacterial and fungal infections

When are Laboratory Services Important for Your Pet?
  • When your pet is sick, diagnostics help us find the problem quickly and develop an effective treatment plan
  • Prior to surgery or anaesthetic procedures, blood tests can help us choose the sedation protocol that’s best for your dog or cat’s individual health concerns
  • Older pets may show indications of illness in their blood tests before they show any physical signs. Lab tests can help us make earlier treatment changes to help prolong their lives and improve the quality of their senior years
  • Lab tests can help us identify ear and skin infections and choose the most effective treatment
  • If your dog or cat has a long term illness that requires medications, blood tests help us ensure that your pet is receiving the necessary dose and is tolerating the treatment