Dental Care for Cats and Dogs

Dental Care is more important for your cat or dog than you might think

We know that proper, routine dental care does more for your pets than just ensuring they have nice breath. It also controls infection, relieves pain, and preserves whole-body health.


We can help your puppies and kittens to learn, accept, and even enjoy tooth brushing. We also have a variety of prescription dental diets that can aid in slowing the progression of dental disease.

To promote oral health, Brintnell Veterinary Hospital recommends pet treats certified by the Veterinary Oral Health Council to reduce dental disease.


Just like humans, most animals require dental cleanings to keep them healthy. To prevent unnecessary stress, we recommend that cleanings for animals are always done under anaesthetic. This also allows us to provide a full cleaning below the gum line.

Our  anaesthetic plans are customized to your pet. We include IV fluids to support organ function and a dedicated anesthetist to ensure your pet’s safety and comfort. We use the latest anaesthetic equipment on all of our patients to monitor blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, heart rate and rhythm, and breathing.

  • We clean plaque and tartar from all surfaces of your pet’s teeth, including under the gum line. After that, we polish them to slow down any new buildup
  • We conduct a full dental examination, probing and assessing gum pockets. We record all information in your pet’s medical files.
  • We take digital dental radiographs of your pet’s entire mouth to make sure they don’t have any hidden dental disease.


Despite the best preventive dental care, some animals will still require tooth extractions. Brintnell Veterinary Hospital offers dental services specifically designed to limit your pet’s discomfort and ensure their safety:

  • We provide local freezing to reduce pain during and immediately after the procedure, and to reduce pain-related anxiety
  • We keep your pet comfortable before, during, and after their procedure by administering customized pain control medications. We also provide pain medication to take home with your pet
  • We provide complimentary post-dental checks to ensure their surgery sites are healing properly